About us

COLL-8 is a dynamic new business with unrivalled expertise in the Irish e-commerce delivery market and our aim is to make e-commerce easier for Irish online shoppers and retailers alike.

Between us, we have decades of experience providing specialist logistics services to some of the very biggest brands around.

At the heart of our drop2shop and drop2me services is our award-winning ability to ensure consumers receive and return purchases quickly, securely and easily via methods which are not just cost-effective but truly effective for retailers too.

COLL-8 Fleet

Partnering with BWG

The partnership between COLL-8 and BWG is unique, revolutionising the traditional model of e-commerce shipments.

It combines the parcel industry expertise of the COLL-8 team and the know-how of BWG, the company behind retail brands such as Spar, Mace, XL and Londis serving communities across Ireland.

Using BWG’s award-winning supply chain team to carry deliveries and returns to and from stores along with grocery stock, there’s no need for additional depots or vehicles on the road.

That means our operations are streamlined – straightforward, swift, secure – and drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with our competitors.

What are the benefits?

By bringing together Ireland’s experts in e-commerce logistics and the firm behind the country’s largest convenience store network, we’re able to increase the security and speed of deliveries while reducing the cost to retailers and the environment.

COLL-8 and BWG benefits

Meet the Team

Dave Field

Chief Operations Officer

Co-founder of Nightline Delivers, Ireland's largest independent delivery firm prior to its 2017 sale to UPS.

Dean Lycett

Commercial Director

Employed in senior sales roles by Nightline Delivers and FedEx during lengthy career in UK and Irish delivery industry.

Gerry Bowers

Head of IT

Experienced IT developer responsible for creating Nightline's serial award-winning platform

Glenn Bradley

Financial Director

Acknowledged track record in Irish corporate finance over the course of a career with the country's biggest banks and accounting firms.

Tim Quinn

National Sales Manager

More than two decades as leading sales professional for premier UK and Ireland parcel firms.

Eamonn Cunningham

General Manager

Reputation built over 25 years as an expert in consumer and client relations in the Irish parcel industry.